The Company


For Intech Solution, safety is the basic condition to the development of any activity. Ours technicians are trained and use individual safety equipments. Our materials, equipments and tools meet the technical standards. Our team is capable and oriented to work only in an environment that offers security and no risk to the client´s patrimony and endangers its integrity.


Intech Solution uses equipments and materials with quality. Our processes go under continuous revisions and our team constantly trains in order to meet the technical standards and to execute the quality requirements. We look to provide excellence and responsibility. For this, we are in the process of improvement for the implementation of ISO 14001 and certification.


Intech Solution provides to its team with ideal work conditions, offering training and personal protective equipments appropriate to the performance of the professional activities. We maintain and provide to the team members health insurance. This way, we look to keep our team in good physical and health conditions to meet the requirements of technical conditions.