The exploitation of offshore oil is increasing. Everyday more and more embarkations that serve this activities require electronic security and safeguard to those operations at the sea and modern telecommunication in order to meet the Technical Standards, besides the equipments for the comfort of people on board, such as telephone, internet access, and TV.

Intech Solution is aware of these necessities and because of that we look for meeting our customers demand accurately, committed and in the shortest time, ensuring a high standard of technical quality.

We work in the areas of installation, maintenance and updating systems of communication and assistance to navigation according to the rules and national and internationals standards. We look for a quick assistance and the guarantee of excellent work. The commitment means that the expectations are expanded in relation to the activities developed by our company, reinforcing our commitment with quality.

Intech Solution technicalĀ“s team is made of professionals with extend experience with the marine offshore segment. They are prepared and capable of meeting a high quality technological standard.

Intech Solution prioritizes that its team fulfill the Technical Standards and internationals safety standards. We look to maintain the health and safety of those involved and the safety of the environment.